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Who We Are

ZAPON GROUP is a well-known group specializing in the produce and sale PCB and PCBA. Has two PCB factories, one SMT factory and two Trade company. They are respectively:

 Zhejiang ZAPON Technology (speciqlizing in 1-16 layers FR4 PCB)
Zhejiang Dejia Electronics (specializing in 1-2 layers MCPCB & copper based PCB)
 Hangzhou H-power Electronics (SMT factory)
 China Electronics Zhejiang Company (responsible for Import & Export Business before June 2018)
 Hangzhou Chuanlian Electronics (responsible for Import & Export Business). 

Our Company

The company was founded in 2007, April, and covers building area of 26,600 square meters. As for equipments, it boasts over 100 sophisticated apparatus to design, manufacture and detect PCB and 6 SMT assembly lines as well as several detection apparatus such as ICT and FCT. All those equipments together with 720 employees, especially a number of engineering and technical personnel turn Zapon as a company with annual production capacity of 1,000,000 square meters.

Our Products

Zapon produces various PCB, primarily the double- and multi-layer PCB (such as ordinary double-sided, multi-layer boards, Aluminum base printed board, Copper base printed board, Teflon board and Buried & Blind multi-layer board). We also provide printing process services, ranging from HASL (leaded of lead-free), to Gold-plate, Immersion Gold and Anti-Oxidation Organic Film. If needed, we can help mount and pack the products and produce customized PCB or Terminal PCBA.


Sales Manager
 Tel:+86 571 88103102
 Skype: PCB.Jenny@hotmail.com 
 Email: pcb.sales@pcbzapon.com

Our Customers

Since its foundation, Zapon has maintained a good reputation among our customers around the world. We export goods to Europe, America and Southeast Asia (such as South Korea and Japan). Widely, products are installed into Electronic Computers, Communication devices, Home Applications, Automotive Supplies, Instruments, Aerospace Equipments.

Our Honor

Our commitment has not gone unnoticed. We have got the Certificates of ISO/TS16949 and UL. Our high-quality products are reputed as the innovative products in province level. Thus, we have been honored as “Star Enterprise” by government of Ouhai District for consecutive three years, and rewarded “Achievement Award in Science and Technology field” and “Technology innovation Award” by Science and Technology Bureau. 

Zapon will stands on where we are and moves forward with an open mind. We will strive to be recognized as the leading company in PCB industry.


ZAPON GROUP is a well-known group specializing in the produce and sale PCB and PCBA.Has two PCB factories , one SMT factory and one Trade company .


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